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The wannacry ransomware is a reminder to get serious about security

Get serious about security

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Wannacry Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is the word on everyone’s lips this week, following the massive WannaCry ransomware attack which spread quickly all over the world. Security experts estimate that over 200 000 systems across 150 countries were affected by the attack, in which hackers took advantage of a weakness in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to block any access to a computer system until a ‘ransom’ is paid in order to unlock the system again.

Investigations into the massive hack are still unfolding, but current thinking is that the attack originated in North Korea and made use of a set of top secret National Security Agency tools that were stolen and sold last year.

How to make cyber security a priority for your managers

cyber security as a priority

cyber security, ransomware, malware, security awareness, cyber attack
Both the business and technology industry are growing and making new advancements. These new improvements, such as converged systems and cloud storage systems, while strikingly beneficial, also bring with them new risks. One of the rising risks is cyber security. With many companies taking advantage of new technology and running their business online, they have become larger targets for cyber hackers.

A guide on how to prevent ransomware

A guide on how to prevent ransomware

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Ransomware is fast becoming a major threat to computer systems in many organisations. It is an aggressive form of attack which criminals use to infect computers and block the victim from accessing their own data unless they pay a ransom. Ransomware is not a new threat but has become more widely used among criminals simply because it is highly profitable.

At its heart, ransomware is simply another form of a computer virus, albeit a very potent one. The methods it uses to infect a computer are the same ones other computer viruses employ.