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Salary Survey: Deep Focus on CISSP

Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on CISSP
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Information is the currency of world domination, and stealing, manipulating, erasing, or otherwise disrupting computerized caches and networks that handle information is the real aim of actual supervillains. One of the best tools we all have in the fight against such real-world threats is certified information security professionals, and few security certifications are as widely established or respected as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

IT job profile: So you want be a CISO

IT job profile: So you want be a CISOWant be a CISO, CISO, CISSP, CCISO, CISM, CISA, ISO 27001, Information security, Risk Management

Want be a CISO? Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a coveted position in many IT organizations. The high demand for qualified CISOs leads to tremendous competition for capable candidates and correspondingly high salaries. But what’s the real deal behind the scenes? Do you have what it takes to serve in a CISO role? If not, what qualifications do you need before you can join the information security big leagues?

Sitting in an organization’s senior-most security chair requires a unique mixture of professional experience and educational background. The CISO position is a career capstone for some and a way station to the CIO chair for others. Either way, arriving at this destination requires careful career planning. Most CISOs don’t get there by accident.

The 6 Highest-Paying IT Certifications

The 7 Highest-Paying IT Certifications

If you’re thinking of launching a career in information technology (IT) or of getting certified for something you’re already doing in IT, then there are a host of certifications available that you should consider pursuing. Whether you’re interested in networking, security, or systems administration, you’ll be able to find an IT certification that can help launch or enhance your career.

But let’s be honest: You’re after the big bucks. With that in mind, this article lists the top seven highest-paying IT certifications, what each job pays, and what the work entails.