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CISO Should Stand For Chief Influence Security Officer

CISO Should Stand For Chief Influence Security Officer

More companies are elevating security executives to true C-level status. Last year, about 65% of the largest enterprises in the U.S. had a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on their payroll, according to ISACA (…), and more organizations are considering moving their CISO out from the shadow of the CIO. It’s a sign of the important and growing role of security in an era of digital business and constant threats.
Chief Influence Security Officer, chief information security officer

The Chief Information Security Officer. The New CFO of Information Security

The Chief Information Security OfficerChief Information Security Officer, CISO

Traditionally, CPAs have considered the chief financial officer (CFO) as the guardian of a business’s organizational data. It was and remains the CFO’s responsibility to maintain a system of internal controls that provides reliance for the accuracy and integrity needed to prepare and attest to the financial statements. These statements and the accompanying opinion continue to be relied on by stakeholders when making financial decisions. The increasing use of rapidly developing technology, software obsolescence, and the change in user preference from desktop to mobile computing platforms have created the need for a new type of data guardian responsible for protecting all types of information in a digital world. The chief information security officer (CISO) is the person performing this role in many organizations and has become an important consideration for CPAs, both in traditional auditing and advisory services.