COBIT® is an unusual or strange-sounding word for many, however is an acronym that is becoming increasingly recognized by auditors, IT professionals, and many enterprise managers.

COBIT® is an important internal control framework and an important support tool for documenting and understanding internal controls and recognizing the value of IT assets in enterprise. A general or working knowledge of COBIT® should be an IT auditor requirement.

If you have IT challenges to manage in your enterprise, such us Cloud Computing, Information Security, Big Data, Data Privacy, know that you do not need to reinvent a way to manage/govern these issues. COBIT® 5 is your solution, because you will have a framework that will guide you on the management of these challenges. Learn how to use it in your favor.

Many companies, around the world, are using COBIT® 5 and adopted it as the primary business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. They choose to use it because it works.

Do you have these IT issues to manage/govern in your company? Now you know how to answer to it!

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