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ISO international standards enable organizations to implement best practices in various business areas. ISO standards provide the necessary guidance to implement management systems that can be certified by third party organizations, and thus recognized internationally.

Know the management systems, understand the requirements, be able to manage and lead an implementation project or audit and/or lead a team of auditors can be a relatively simple or extremely complex task.

Aware of this reality, BEHAVIOUR presents an offer of specialized courses and personnel certifications that prepare professionals to face these challenges through a practical approach, the acquisition of key skills, both in implementation and management , or even in measuring compliance management system, either as internal auditor, external auditor or even acting on behalf of a certification body.

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ISO 27001 Information Security

APMG ISO 27001

Certified Lead Security Incident Professional

Certified Lead Privacy Implementer

ISO 27005/31000 Risk Manager

ISO 22301 Business Continuity

ISO 20000 IT Service Management

APMG ISO 20000

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security

ISO 21500

ISO 27034

ISO 38500

ISO 24762

ISO 9001 Gestão da Qualidade