By Joaquim Pereira on March 11, 2014

The answer to this question is simple: through continual improvement.

On today’s business environments, technologies take an important role as being one of the key elements for the success of any business. Due the large number of technologies available, is not always easy to choose the one that fits and responds as needed by the business. Even after we choose one possible technology or product, we still need to operate it, assign a responsible for it, make changes as needed, and improve it. Also, someone needs to see far ahead and plan when this technology needs to be replaced, by which type of technologies or products will be replaced, and what all of this will improve. Will we be able to do more, with fewer resources and in less time? For sure your top management is expecting that the answer for this question be… Yes! This is the goal of todays every business.

Ensuring that these technologies respond to the each day more demanding business needs, is responsibility of Service Providers, which can be one internal department of an organization, such as, IT department or an external Service Provider as an organization that manage and support its customers services ensuring the success of their business.

Well… using a simple and non-technical comparison… we may look at Services Providers as the “Doctors” that ensure that one part of the heart of the business keeps running and, whenever possible, is improved.

Providing the best services, doing it the best way, having continually IT responding to the business, and doing more, with fewer resources and in less time are, definitively, serious challenges for today’s Service Providers. Organized structures, mature processes, top-level and layered commitment, take informed and risk aware decisions, and look for today’s services and technologies, with the eyes of tomorrow, are key elements for the success of every Service Provider in the support of any type of business.

Auditing these structures, called services management systems as defined by ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011, it is an important step in ensuring the success of IT Service Providers operations.

One can say that, “Audit leads the way to improvement!” Of course that auditing is not enough. For achieving the best results, Service Providers will need to get the most of their audits and for that, only skilled auditors can do the job. For some Service Providers is a matter of fulfill requirements, and for others is a matter of lead the way and support their organization or client organizations in being succeeded. Some Service Providers, well…. they will continue in business, eventually.