implementing ISO 27001

Many senior executives associate ISO 27001 with IT, but take this out of your mind. ISO 27001 is about information. Is about managing the security risks and threats that can affects integrity, confidentially and availability, and guess what, it is applicable to all organizations.

So, why should you consider implementing ISO 27001?

1. To manage risks
ISO 27001 standard provides you guidance to identify threats and vulnerabilities and manage information security risks, by implementing the adequate security controls.

2. To minimise financial losses
ISO 27001 helps protect organisations from destructive cyber-attacks. Protecting organizations reputation you reduce the risk of financial losses maintaining and improving the value of the brand

3. To satisfy the contractual obligations
ISO 27001 certification is frequently required by suppliers and governmental organisations because it gives them the assurance that if you are in compliance with the best practices for information security, so you satisfy the contractual obligations.

4. To satisfy stakeholders
ISO 27001 certification increases the trust of stakeholders in an organization, because you have implemented practices that safeguard your own and them information assets.

5. To be achieve regulatory compliance
ISO 27001 helps meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

6. To improve processes
ISO 27001 helps to implement policies and procedures and helps to establish consistent, repeatable and maintainable processes.

7. To continually improve
ISO 27001 requires that organizations continually improve its information security management system (ISMS) in order to better protect its critical assets, ensuring its sustainability, adequacy and effectiveness.

8. To win new business
ISO 27001 certification is as evidence that an organization has implemented best practices and demonstrates credibility. It can be the difference between winning our losing new businesses.

9. To be worldwide recognised
ISO 27001 is an international standard, so being ISO 27001 certified is become worldwide recognize.

Those are very strong reasons that definitely put you in the right mindset to implement ISO 27001, and we can help you on that. Learn the step-by-step guide to implement ISO 27001. Register on the next date.

implementing ISO 27001

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Last Modified: Março 1, 2016