Every company is interested in helping their clients to achieve their goals, not simply making sales. 

This is important too, of course, but doing our job with passion, putting our efforts to deliver an excellent service, improving ourselves everyday as professionals and as persons, creating a good delivering environment, with good tools, excellent professionals that are committed to learn more, to know more, just to deliver better, to support clients better, or to better serve clients, at the end this is what, definitely, really matters and this is what guarantees the sales.


When we talk about training, we say that training is not just training. A course is not a program, a room, a trainer and a training manual. A training course is not the same in every place. If it was, everyone could deliver it.

Something makes the difference, and the difference is value! The value that a training company puts into the service: pedagogical model, know-how, resources, expertise and experience of the professionals, good partnerships, excellent product/service, certifications, credibility of the services/company, best practices, quality of the services… and all of this to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to learn. That is not something that is present in every classroom, or in every training provider or in every training /educational service.


Client must get what he needs? Always! 

But as a training provider, we are also committed to guarantee that we deliver more than information. Training is not a bunch of information! We are delivering / constructing  knowledge, we are delivering perspectives, we are delivering the possibility for the trainees think for them, have ideas, use knowledge and put it into practice. This is learning! Training is learning, it means helping people to develop critical thinking and think for themselves.


A training manual is just a training manual. A course is just a course, even the ones that are developed by training partners. Everything is there to deliver, but this is the part of the information. 

The really knowledge begins, when everything – the process of training/education – was thought, projected and organized to function as a training/learning service, when all the resources are present, when exists a good learning environment, when a good trainer is in the training room and when trainees, put into practice the knowledge gained.

So, training is not just training, and is not the same in every place. As in consulting services, from different consultants, you will not receive the same answer or solution about the same situation. The answer that you will get, it will depend of consultant. This means that the answer, is dependent of consultants’s know-how, knowledge, experience, expertise, perspective and even depends of the analysis, that consultant, made about situation. In the training is the same.

In Behaviour® we do not just teach you how do to; we give you the tools for you to think and create for yourself. Choose value! 

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Last Modified: March 8, 2017