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Welcome to the world of accreditation and certification on best practices and management methodologies, management systems and information security.


In today’s world, is increasingly important to ensure the provision of improved service levels, better quality or even the guarantee of the highest levels of security in various areas of activity of companies and organizations. Be in processes, services or products, this level of assurance is increasingly present in our surroundings.

In order to improve their processes, reach new markets, achieve new customers, companies require of their internal structures and their business partners, increasing the quality and the necessary improvements in order to achieve these same objectives and desired market shares. Many companies and national and international organizations are pressured daily by their customers, partners, or even the various financial institutions in order submit this level of assurance.

There are some countries, whose governments and/or financial institutions require to service providers (IT, health, etc..) the adoption of standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, among others. Still, to be present in certain markets or sectors of activity, it is common to be required that a company has an accreditation, without which it will not have the necessary expression of the market in which it operates (see the case of ISO accreditation 9001, or ISO 20000 accreditation in the U.S.) and cannot reach a certain universe of customers, or in some cases, cannot even exercise their activity.

Auditors, implementers, consultants …. they are the ones (‘the key players’) that make the difference in time to plan, implement, verify, or even act on the various management systems in order to ensure the necessary accreditation of a company, or to even in the required support to maintain this accreditation.

Stand out, get your accreditation and acquire the necessary skills to put your company at the forefront!